Design and Ergonomics

Engineering, ergonomics and latest trends at the service of security.
Since 1975


Luma Security,
RCT Security.

Locks which meet the strictest Resistance and Complexity Tests (RCT).


Several international criteria guarantee
the security and resssistance of the locks.

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Image Description
Classe SRA-Sécurité et Réparation Automobiles France
Image Description
Svenska Stóldskyddsfó- reningen Stockholm
Image Description
Sold Secure U.K Motor Scooter Gold
Image Description
Sold Secure U.K Motor Scooter Silver
Image Description
Stichting diefstal preventie twee- wielers The Nether- lands

Key Duplication

LUMA offers a Key Duplication Service. Customers just need to submit the reference code shown on the original keys.

Ask for a Key Duplicate


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