Discover Luma Netlock.

Gama Netlock


Connect the lock to your mobile to enjoy the following functions:

ALARM: The lock will emit an alert 
sound in case of movement or attack. 
If you are no more than 100 m away,
 you will also receive a notification on your phone.

LOCATION: Padlock and phone with the operational Luma Netlock app,
 they are connected via bluetooth and the phone's GPS picks up the location of the padlock (place + time). 
If you are more than 100 m away, the location you will see will be the one of the last time the padlock and mobile communicated.

TRACKS: With the application running in the background,
 the routes you take while transporting your Luma Netlock are recorded and displayed in the application.



Every kilometer counts

Check your tracks

Find out how many kilometers you have traveled and your average speed. You will surely be surprised!


Where did i park?

Was this street or the next?

I lent my bike to a friend and I’m not sure where he parked it


You don’t need to worry if you don’t know the exact location of your bike. The Netlock application allows you to locate your vehicle. The download and use of the app is free of chargre. 



Know the location of all your vehicles thanks to your mobile phone

If you own a few two-wheeled vehicles you will be able to locate them all with one Netlock app by pairing all your locks with the same user account.

Discover Luma Netlock.
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